In this article, we are going to refer strictly to one of the important subjects of writing, editing and presenting a speech: sources of inspiration. We’ll shortly present 15 of the best, funniest or weirdest sources that you can actually use!

Remember: the order in which they are to be presented doesn’t mean prioritizing, neither grade of possible success or potential of bringing up the best ideas. In other words, we present them in a random order.

  1. Classic books

In this category, please imagine all sorts of classic books. You can truly never know which one brings around great inspiration, and which one makes no sense. Whatever the case, you can read some books, which seem to promise at least some basic ideas. No, you don’t have to read thousands of pages – as long as you find the chapter and quickly grab the basic parts, the rest won’t count for a difference. Download 25 Mother of Groom Wedding Speech Examples

  1. Talk shows

We frequently waste time on talk shows, don’t we? Then why not use them for inspiration? The good thing about ideas in talk shows is that they might sometimes have someone invited who knows pretty much about weddings, romance and similar topics. Or maybe it’s just someone who knows how marriage can work more efficiently. Any idea can work wonders!

  1. Articles written as guidance for speeches

Needless to say, many articles will offer great help for you, when in need. Many discuss the speech structure, other ideas for being inspired, how to handle the stress in a wise way and much more. Obviously, there are also fake articles too, which can’t seem to make a point or to reveal something. Be wise, and read with patience. When you find similar details in multiple sources, you will know it’s probably something widely known and accepted. More Articles with Speech Examples HERE

  1. Comedies

Comedies have a unique way to reveal things. Especially if a movie is romantic and a comedy at the same time, you will find it full of ideas and truths about marriage, love and relationships in general. If you choose older comedies, you will find out about ideas of a past age, and modern movies will reveal how things work nowadays.

  1. Postcards

Postcards can also show a few sentences, or just a picture with something that reveals a unique idea, inspiring you to write differently. Since a mother of the groom speech, as any other, is about being unique, personal and not copied, going through old and new postcards will definitely show light upon unique poetic, comic or simplistic views of what love is.

  1. Friends who had given wedding speeches

Most times there’s no better source of inspiration than having a good chat with trusted, good old friends. They can be both women and men, and generally people who handled stress and giving speeches extraordinarily, or alternatively they handled it based on the pressure of the moment, knowing there’s no other way around than going with the flow. Whoever was already there, doing the best they could will most certainly have tips and ideas, even real personal tricks to help you succeed.

  1. Action movies

Sometimes in action movies, other than seeing cars wrecked, people fighting and shooting each other we see a love story that is linked along the lines, as time passes and the action intensifies. For some people, the “action” of the everyday life will bring about love, and a real passion for another person. This is many times exactly the way how strong and good relationships are given birth to. Thus, from some of these, you can get new ideas and apply them. Of course, not every action movie will be able to provide an idea!

  1. Best sellers

Best sellers, whether they are about romance or not, have something to say. That is why it was possible for these authors to become so famous with their books. You know people won’t buy something if they can’t read unique things, or things that they like or can assimilate. Obviously, you will not pick a marketing best seller to learn about speeches, but you will definitely pick something that contains fantasy, action, romance and comedy. You will certainly find quite some pieces along those lines.

  1. Wedding speech templates

There are online sites, with articles, that also contain wedding speech templates. These are different than the plain articles – the type of article that presents and explains certain things. In these templates, you will find a bunch of ideas. This is because they have been edited already, and conceived to work at any wedding, in case the person speaking has no better idea than filling out the template written by someone else. You don’t necessarily limit yourself to copying, which is filling the given template, but you can get so many ideas from there.

  1. Toast books

There are dozens of books and e-books that have been written to teach certain wedding speech toasts. They give some explanations about why toasting is important, when it happens and how it sounds. Of course, these texts have no other way to present than giving you some templates, some already written toast texts to represent different views and styles. These are very useful because you will either combine multiple toast texts to come up with your own, or you will slightly modify an existing one to meet your needs. Whatever your case is, it’s something you should spend time with. Besides, it doesn’t take too much to comprehend and then apply.

  1. The experience of your life

Yes, you can definitely make use of your life experience. When it comes to marriages there are only two types of marriages: those that work, and those that didn’t work and end up in divorcing. Well, whatever your situation was in life, whether you had a successful marriage, multiple marriages (some successful, others with divorce), or divorce, you have an experience to help others succeed. If your success is an example, you can make use of it to explain how it is possible. If you know why you ended up divorcing someone, then you can tell the young couple what to avoid and what to do in order to preserve the love, and the passion towards each other.

  1. Traditions you grew up with

Passing on some traditions always comes in handy. These can be serious things and funny elements too. Even if you are talking about serious traditions, you can tell your son and his wife in a comic way. The way you word things can be any way, as long as the message is given. Traditions can be about how to arrange your furniture in the living room (briefly – you won’t start giving examples and saying the corner or the wall to place things), they can be about how to enjoy the honey moon – mostly, there are traditions about anything. However, if you don’t want to mention them, it’s fine. Nothing is mandatory about the topic of traditions within a wedding speech.

  1. The way you saw your son and the bride daily

There have been many times when you saw them together, and it might have been in different circumstances: going out to a restaurant, watching movies together at home, eating with you, barbecue, holiday – whatever it was, you saw them. Now, from the way they were happy and managed to keep the love going despite certain disagreements (let’s face it: everyone has disagreements) will show you the way their love grew stronger. Knowing how they kept going, not giving it up, you have also seen a mature thinking and concept of life. Having all these in your mind, you can talk about them to the guests, saying your appreciation towards the simplicity and purity they have with their relationship built on love.

  1. Love songs

Love songs never get too old. There are certain songs you grew up with, and you surely made a choice and accepted some of the lyrics and rejected others. Now, based on what these songs say you can simply extract the parts that apply for life today and the parts that speak about the way real love should look like. Based on that, you will have new words, new expressions for the speech. That is only good and helpful, because it makes you speak in a unique way. Although there aren’t millions of love songs, even if there would be millions of weddings per year, not everyone would speak about the same lyrics in the same way as you would. So, try it!

  1. Poetry of all types

Poetry also has its unique approach to romance, marriage and love generally. Poets always use great metaphoric expressions to show their passion, and sometimes even idealistic pictures of the perfect love that couldn’t exist. However, while some of the expressions are surrealistic, and maybe it’s not even possible to live a marriage in that way, you can still get dozens of ideas. Even more, some poems are so well-written that you can actually quote them, and include the quote in the speech you are about to present. If not, maybe you have the creativity to study poems and do the following: after you’ve studied enough, develop your own simple style of writing a poem. As soon as you see you can write about certain simple things, you can actually write your mother of the groom speech as poetry. People will surely be impressed and appreciate your efforts and your attempts to create something that has never been done, or rarely has been tried. It’s something you need to work on, but it’s worth trying.