In order to have success with a new season, as writing your mother of the groom speech, you also need to make sure that you will respect the structure of this speech. Many people think about structure as something of less importance or something you can take for granted. That is not true. Structure provides quality. Quality assures connecting with guests. These small details will link together, forming a circle of elements that are all required.

Introducing the speech in the proper way

There are many ways of approach to introduce a wedding speech. As we are talking about the groom’s mother, similar things would apply for the bride’s mother, groom’s father and bride’s father too. So, you can pay attention to small details, because as you do it will be a whole lot easier to construct the entire speech step by step. Click HERE for 25 Mother of Groom Speech Samples

Speech introductions can range from extremely boring to extremely amazing. Which is your category? It depends on your commitment, your style, your mentality and the things you are going to talk about. Maybe harder to believe, but all these small things will put major influence on how you are going to speak, and more than that, it will put influence on how responsive people will be.

You should introduce who you are and greet every guest. Even if there were other speakers before you went to speak for your speech, it’s important to do these things. Furthermore, it’s very good if you can shorten the introduction down to its core. People aren’t interested in long and boring texts. There are truly good chances of succeeding with something short and to the point.

Your son

After the introduction you will always get the chance to talk about the favorite topic: your son. As a mother, it’s always a special connection, because you gave birth to him and it was your womb that your son stayed in for nine months. So, there is nothing wrong with a strong desire to speak about him. Although that is true, you must make sure that you know a couple of things.

The first idea and important aspect is that there is a union of two families in the middle. It’s not all about how successful your son is. I don’t want to convince you to not speak about him – because speaking about him is more than important. I am just trying to reveal that the bride is there too, and her parents want to make sure this is not all about the groom. What is your part in this? First of all, you shouldn’t put your son in the focus, such as he would be more important than the bride. If you do that, there is no building of good relationships with your daughter-in-law and your in-laws won’t seek to connect with you either. Still, if you make sure to keep a balance and mention the significance of both parties, then it’ easier for people to listen to you and hear you out with what you’re saying. Find HERE MORE Speech Examples

The mother of the groom speech must never be like a job application or a resume. People didn’t come to your son for hiring or other similar purposes. They only came because they want to share the joy and they respect the newlyweds. So, the last thing they want to find out is what your son’s professional qualifications are. However, if you mention that he loves riding the bike with the love of his life and that he’s a coffee maniac, that’s not a problem.

Then, there are cases when before the actual wedding you had some misunderstandings and fights with your son. You need to understand how much of a pressure he feels and how being under those influences of stress and demand from his job and the circumstances made him overreact. Also, such quarrels should never make you want to “give up” or “not give a speech”. He is your son even if he wasn’t right and even if his attitude was not among the best ones!

You might have the tendency to teach him while speaking about him. That’s mostly a bad idea, because it will put him under a negative light and people will be shocked and confused, not knowing what they should say or think. If you truly have something constructive to say, you can do that in a way that it’s not too pushy and not like an “I am the wisest and you must learn from me” attitude.

Make sure you can measure time somehow, to make sure you never exceed speaking for 2 minutes or 3 about your son. This is because you don’t put him on the first place and you don’t try to speak 5 minutes about him and 30 seconds about the bride – that would cause hatred and unpleasant future situations. How you can achieve this? The simplest method of achieving a good timing is done by making sure that you rehearse before the actual speech. When you practice speaking at home, you can make sure you have a stopwatch or some other device to help you see how much time you spent speaking. If you make a note of that and you make sure to adjust it, it’s never going to be an issue of a too long speech!

Also, as a matter of being prepared in time, you should make sure that the speech is not entirely improvised. I like improvisations and I promote them, but with a little warning: not everyone is good with that. So, best and safest is always having things prepared in advance.

Speaking about the bride

Your daughter-in-law is the woman who made your son happy. You should really feel happy about their union and you should really take time to know her. Since she made your son feel like a man, fulfilled, it means she’s a special woman. Obviously, you might have contradictory opinions and different characters, but that doesn’t mean she’s not right for your son. You need to make sure you have already stepped into a mental state of acceptance, because the sooner you can accept her, the better it is for everyone.

The acceptance can’t be faked. You need to work out a relationship. If you don’t want to connect with your future daughter-in-law, it will only make it harder for you in the future to connect with her and try to convince her and your son to come over for dinner. They might say “no” or “we don’t have time this week” or “some other time maybe” if you didn’t build the relationships in the right way. So, it’s a lot about relationships!

The more you hang out with the bride, the closer you get to her and the better you will know her personality, her desires and what she’s like as a woman. That way you will be able to write your own material for the mother of the groom speech. Remember, the bride’s presence is as important as the groom’s. If you miss that, you will lose a lot of things.

The part about the bride should focus on how you accepted her as your new daughter. It’s very important to say that in public. Even if you already told her or if you consider that she knows, it’s not enough: you need to say. Of course, you also need to mention how important their relationship is as a new couple. People need to see how involved and dedicated you are, making sure about the uniqueness of everything you say. You see, when you are personally involved, it’s obvious that what you say is your words and your original thoughts. Guests will always appreciate that.

On the other hand, both guests and the bride’s family will definitely want to see how you accepted the bride into your family. That’s what leaves them amazed and keeps them connected. Then, you can talk about all the good things and positive influences the bride has brought into your son’s life!

Steps before ending your mother of the groom speech

Before you go for the closing part of the speech, you should try to build up some quotes or words of wisdom you share in a unique way. You need to be careful with these aspects though: people don’t accept them in the same way.

Knowing your son and the bride will help you speak the right words. Don’t put it like an education, make sure it’s not enforcing anything on them.

Toast proposal to end perfectly

Every speech is only ended perfectly if you can share a heart-touching toast proposal. How to write one or how to modify an existing toast proposal text to make sure it fits the wedding? Well, you have no strict formula, but you need to know the personalities of the newlyweds. If you know how they respond to things, you will know what toast proposal will fit their journey as a new couple!