It’s very important for the mother of the groom to speak wisely and accordingly, during the wedding dinner. It is quite often that the groom’s mother speech is amongst the opening speeches at the table. Mothers always find it difficult to:

  • Stay calm and relaxed, before the speech, during the speech as well as after the it
  • Stay focused on the things that should be told
  • Keep up a normal state of speaking, without crying too much
  • Speak in a way that is appropriate to the event

If you have to prepare your speech then you must realize that last minute solutions won’t work for you. When you’ve decided to give a high quality speech, a lot of planning is involved and you need to be detail-oriented to achieve great final results as far as your speech is concerned.

I guess I don’t have to mention that you will need decent clothing as well as a decent overall appearance. Also, it’s very important to have yourself limited to a timeframe of 3 up to 5 minutes. Never go beyond those limits, since it’s not according to the wedding speech etiquette and it’s unlikely that anyone would enjoy listening to your words for that long. Sometimes the mother of the groom speech is mistakenly associated with a general discussion or conversation with family and friends. Don’t proceed that way! More Examples Here

Being polite and keeping the structure of your speech is very important. If you respect these things then you can easily give a memorable mother of the groom speech. The most important part of the speech will always remain the part where you speak about your son’s positive abilities and his marriage. It’s very important to make the newlyweds happy with the things you say, but at the same time keep up the positive attitude and be honest.

What’s the key to success in mother of the groom speeches? The answer isn’t always simple, but the key is to stay focused on what you need to say and the method of your speech. A lot of mothers forget the elements of body language that express certain speeches. The typical motherly-attitude during your mother of the groom speech isn’t quite a good expression of the speech and isn’t quite appropriate as body language usage. On the other hand, a calm attitude, showing that you are completely in control of the entire flow of your speech and you know exactly what you need to say – represented by an adequate posture and body language – is what it takes for a mother of the groom speech to be more successful.

If you give yourself enough time to practice, you will be in a far better position as far as your mother of the groom speech is concerned. Make sure to say things, great stories about your son. Tell people how great it was to raise him as your child, let people know how warm-hearted your son is and how much he offered to his friends and family, throughout different periods in his life. In the main parts of your speech, you can easily include short stories, all true stories, about certain happenings during his teenage days. There are always a lot of funny and touching stories in every boy’s life, especially between the ages of 12 and 20. Another great story to mention is how your son met his wife to-be. Of course, you should also focus on accepting the bride as part of your family and to compliment the fresh couple by telling them how they make a perfect couple and how you support them!

The final step of the mother of the groom speech is very simple. A wise quote may go well or some story you want to share. However, be careful with stories, as stories would sometimes make you talk for at least 5 extra minutes and that is not a good idea, especially because the entire speech duration should never exceed 5 minutes. Choose a story carefully (if you want one) and make sure it is short enough, while being meaningful enough. As an alternative, you can share parts of your own experience, your thoughts and ideas on marriage. The final words of the speech are the polite, formal words of the toast proposal!