If you are up to writing and presenting a great mother of the groom speech, then you will definitely need some useful tricks to save you some time. You can’t just go out in front of the guests without being prepared and you will have everything in a better way if you know how to handle certain problems. Trust me that problems won’t fail to appear when it comes to writing and presenting the speech!

Grab yourself a cheat sheet!

Heard about cheat sheets? Well, this is not an exam and not necessarily the means to learn faster, but is helpful in that circumstance too. If you need this trick to learn the speech faster, do it at home and you can make yourself some colored notes and then, on each one of them, you can note the short version of each part of the speech. Then, upon learning it, you will read one of the sheets or the other to make sure you remembered correctly. Find HERE 25 Groom’s Mother Speech Examples

The even better part is the one which you get when writing your cheat sheets for the wedding ceremony. In this case, make only small sticky notes or write on other small pieces of paper, and only write the keywords that will remind you about what you need to say. Don’t go like “toast, meeting in Paris, great autumn, love is important”! Such a list would cause you confusion and you wouldn’t have a clue about what it means (due to the stress of forgetting something). Instead, you can number the keywords or even add extra notes, such as “1 – Introduction (greet, introduce), 2 – John (why Rebecca), 3 – Rebecca (right person for John), 4 – Read poem, 5 – Toast”. The last example of how a cheat sheet can look like for your mother of the groom speech reveals its importance and its strength. It takes no more than 5 seconds to read it on the spot and you will instantly know what you are talking about and you will know the order too!

Don’t make mistakes too obvious

It often happens that you say something in the wrong way or add something which wasn’t supposed to be there. If you notice how you’ve told something wrong, don’t stop, because everyone will notice you were wrong. In most cases, people won’t notice your faults if you don’t make them obvious. So, the simplest way to mask any glitches or things you didn’t want to say is to continue speaking just as if nothing happened because then nobody will have enough time to notice your mistake.

Also, if you do as indicated above, you won’t feel stressed either. If you’d stop to notice your own mistake, stress would have time to make you forget something or repeat the mistake later. That is not necessary – just skip it!

Have a friendly facial expression

Even if your emotions aren’t totally in control when you’re in front and speaking, make sure that the people who are looking at you will only see a friendly, normal, smiling facial expression. If people will see that on your face, they will enjoy what is happening and pay attention to your speech. You can’t go with a rigid expression on your face, because people will assume you are sad, mad or unsecure about the wedding speech (which would be pretty bad).

Mute your phone before speaking

You need to keep your phone on mute/silent before and during the speech. It’s really ridiculous if your phone rings and you are about to speak or already speaking. It’s not a respectful attitude and people will keep it in mind (not in the positive sense of the word).

Also, having a phone buzz or ring is a distraction. Being on the day of the event – seeing your son and his loved one – you don’t need distractions. All you need is the ability to stay focused, on the track, ready for speaking at any time.

Bring a pair of shoes that are elegant but more comfortable

There are chances you will be tired. When you are tired, the high heels are nothing but a mess and a pain. So that is exactly why a pair of cozy shoes will do the trick. This is also useful in case someone asks you to dance or you want to dance with your son. I don’t say women can’t dance in high heels because they can, but the truth is that they can only do it in a harder way with the heels. Why not dance freely and comfortably?

Be prepared for emergency makeup removal

If you will cry due to emotions or due to being overwhelmed by stuff going on around you, your initial makeup will be ruined. To avoid looking like a clown before or after your mother of the groom speech, you can take attitude by using some makeup removal products or anything else that is of help in this case. The product and the technique don’t matter – all that it matters is you being able to remove the makeup if needed, at any time and easily!

Don’t express frustration

Expressing frustration is tempting, but should be avoided entirely. If you express that you are frustrated then your speech is not as successful as it would’ve been without these feelings. You see, people expect you to be happy, confident, sharing the joy and the love. If you are not in the right moods, people will notice that you are facing something and it’s not too great for the newlyweds either.

As an alternative, even if someone pissed you off really bad, keep it inside until the right opportunity. And trust me: the right opportunity is in private, when you have the time to solve your conflict outside the ceremony. Yes, that can be tomorrow or in 2 weeks, but not on the day of the wedding!

Control your mimics

Your face can betray you in the negative sense, because if you have some inner concerns, fears, feelings then those will show up publicly by simple mimics you are going to express without even noticing that you did. It is very dangerous and you need to practice before to make sure that your mimics are right, to make sure that you only express joy and respect towards the newlyweds and guests. With that attitude, no matter what is about to happen it will be under control.

On the other hand, it would give you more confidence if you knew that your face doesn’t look like you’ve been at a funeral. No offense, but we need to change our attitudes to succeed in small and in big things likewise!

Keep an eye out for your own body position

You know you can’t present the mother of the groom speech with just a random body position. If the body position is not right, you will express something you didn’t even want to. So, what you can do and what I strongly endorse you to do is to practice right from home.

You see, you can’t leave things for the moment of the mother of the groom speech. If you only realize something is wrong or missing in that instant, then your case is sort of lost, because you can’t control it anymore. However, if you are wise and you take attitude in useful time, then you will see how things are changed for real. Of course, controlling your body position while speaking requires a lot of exercise and it won’t go right after the first day, not even after the first week. Still, if you persist in this, you will achieve the right position. What you can do is look at some videos where people present wedding speeches. From there you will see how they stand and act, so you will know what to do.

Make sure people feel great

Before you present your speech, you will have plenty of time talking with the guests and family members. By making them feel at home, by making them all feel happy for coming and honoring the event with their presence, you will achieve a sympathy coming from them towards you. That is worth it because it’s not fake and it’s the right thing to do.

Then, the idea is that these people will really enjoy your speech and they will pay attention to you. if they pay attention to you then your efforts haven’t gone for nothing, because you achieved what you were supposed to.

Ask the newlyweds

If you have any intentions on organizing something in a certain way and it’s not like a big surprise (or even if it should be a big surprise), you should ask the young couple. Not for any other reason but it’s not always a match between what they desire and what you thought and assumed they would enjoy. After all, if your efforts are to no avail and they don’t love the things you prepared and organized for them, it’s no good feelings for you either. However, if you know that all of your efforts were for their happiness then you will know that you did the right thing.

It is also good to ask them about the speech. They might have some preferences you never even expected. For instance, they might tell you to be the 2nd speaker, or maybe the 6th speaker. The order doesn’t matter, but you better know it in advance and not be disappointed by finding it out only later. On the other hand, they might tell you to remove some parts of the speech (because they don’t want you to speak about those things) and then ask you to speak about one thing or another. That is truly helpful, because by speaking what they wanted you to speak, you will truly amaze them and they will feel honored to hear your mother of the groom speech.

Be organized in every aspect

Firstly and lastly, organizing is a golden rule. If you can’t be organized, then it’s very hard for you to give a great speech. However, if organization rules your preparations and the things you have considered, then you can know in advance that everything you do with the helping and the speech is called success!