Any occasion will make your heart grow of joy and delight, especially one of your children’s wedding. As a parent you get the chance to see your son or your daughter grow, enroll in a college, get a job and get married. These are the moments of life that really make you say about one of your children that he or she has grown up. Here you are a few weeks before the actual event when your son is getting married. Download 25 Speech Examples

As a mother of the groom you’ll have to expect that you are entitle to address a few words at your son’s wedding. A speech should always reveal what is inside of you, what advices were those that enlightened your path on this road of being married.

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For any great wedding speech you should know that the structure of words is really important as well as the way you address them. Maybe this is your second or third wedding in row where you were asked to speak or not, but the decisive factor in all these situations is to be the owner of your emotions and not vice versa. It is quite obvious that as a parent there is a major possibility for you to start crying, and this is not the issue here. Many guests who came at this special event will know what you are going through, because they feel empathy or they simply know from their own experiences (being parents themselves).

It is the barrier that many times is established by emotions that can block everything in your path and leave you speechless right in the middle of your performance. But don’t worry at all, because you get the opportunity to overcome all those states by allowing yourself to have some time to practice what you’ve written.

In this article you’ll find some great tips that will help you structure your mother of the groom wedding speech according to your personality and character, but also according to the event itself. First keep in mind that being the mother of the groom will get you right in the middle of planning. So, between all the responsibilities and support, make time for the speech as well. Start a few weeks earlier before the wedding, because that way you’ll have time to mix the planning with the writing.

Find a spot that is calm and enjoy yourself by letting go of all the thoughts that involve the event. It can be a suitable place in the back of your garden, house or even in nature. I’m sure that you’ve found a place during your journeys, a place where you often went to meditate and relax and get away from all the city noise. Always have a positive attitude towards your writing because the way you are thinking influences the way you are writing a lot.

Take a pen and something to write on with you and make sure to put down every little detail that comes through your mind in those hours. Avoid the trap of finding yourself not suitable for this job, because every mother has something to say when it comes to her children. The main issue is the attitude and the way you see things around your daily life.

You’ll have to know that if there is anything that could stand in front of having a great speech is actually you, and nothing more. Many mothers actually have a fear about performing in front of an audience, and this feeling is a part of a latest experience or of no experience at all.

It is difficult in many situations for them to stay calm, and be relaxed due to the overwhelming moods in which they are found before the delivery of the speech, between two speeches and even after the wedding passed. But if you take some days of practice in which you ask the members of your family to be the so-called audience at the wedding, you’ll pass through this even easier than you’ve expected. Experience will settle in you the basics of becoming more confident on yourself, and being in charge of what you are feeling.

Practice will give you the time to adjust things with the way you are delivering your speech, the way you establish the necessary eye contact with the audience and many other communicational skills that at the end of the day you will need to have mastered.

The mother of the groom speech is the one that is situated among the opening speeches at the reception, so make sure that you are speaking according to the context of the event, wisely and with no fear of making a fool of yourself. It is very important to gain the audience, so be opened and flexible to any adjustment or any change of plans. A great speaker knows not only what she is doing but is also capable to adjust to any circumstance that might come in her path.

If you see that people are starting to get bored, make an adaptation and end earlier than you’ve scheduled. An early ending could mean that you’ve written a long speech or that you’ve followed a pattern that they were accustomed too. Be original and creative in everything you are saying and doing, speak from the heart. Even if you’ve took some ideas adapt them in a way that they will become your own.

People will always notice how much you were involved in your speech or not. As mentioned before, you should keep a clam state and also avoid crying too much by keeping a normal mood of speaking. In the act of a speech there are always two extremes: those people who speak too loudly and too quickly (and then you don’t understand a thing from their speeches) and those who speak too slowly and in a way that is too long and boring. Try to avoid these and stay focused on the things that are to be said, follow your sketch. The timeframe of your speech should be not much longer than five minutes because you want people to listen to you and not make it all hard for them.

Keeping people connected with your memory line will give you some great memorable moments of sharing the newlyweds’ day. What is important is not associating your speech with a random conversation with the family and friends. Since it is a wedding, not everyone knows who you are but they will surely want to hear what you have, especially in the first seconds when your words are spoken to their hearts.

Empathy is one of the powerful sources that can be found in people’s lives, their reality can many times resemble yours, so that way they will understand perfectly what you are saying and at the same time relate and connect with your memories.

The mother of the groom wedding speech is a very necessary act that shows the love and appreciation of a parent towards his son and towards the bride. It is an expression of one true heart, which wraps it all up in some great words. The main theme should involve your son and you can add a few short parts of his abilities with people and with the one who now is his bride and you can speak about his marriage and the beginning that awaits them. Here is a great opportunity to reveal some of your wisdom and knowledge gathered through all your years of being married with his father.

But do not forget to mention the bride as well, because after all she is the one who contributed to his happiness many times, she made it possible for all guests to witness this positive change. It is quite important and of great use to maintain a happy atmosphere and to keep the couple enjoying themselves on this day, as well as to be honest. Your sincerity will be taken into account by all those who came to share the important moments of this ceremony.

Make some notes of appreciation towards all the guests as well, not to mention the bride’s family who has its implication in the wedding. Your actions will settle and influence the course of all your groom’s mother speech.

One last thing that you should keep in mind is that you have to be wearing some decent clothing suitable for this event, as well as to offer a decent appearance. Your body language and your posture will reveal what type of person you are, how you see things and express them and how involved you are or not in the whole situation. Important tips to notice and take into account are to remember to look at the guests, as well as looking at the happy couple.

Avoid gesticulating too much, because this will give the appearance that you are calm and that you know exactly what you are doing. Gesticulating too much will show that you are nervous and that in many circumstances bumbling about things will denote that you have forgotten your words. By being polite and having the experience of practicing will make you a talented speaker, making it possible for everyone to have a desire to hearing from you again.

The last minute solutions re never alternatives when it comes to writing and then performing on a day like this. The mother of the groom speech is also a body expression, but keep in mind though that a motherly attitude on this occasion isn’t the best alternative to go with, but by keeping the calm you will show everyone present at the wedding not only that you have a great flowing of the words, a great diction, but also that you have managed to deliver a successful speech.

As I mentioned before, the frame of your speech should contain things that will allow people to relate with, such as stories that are great about your son (involving his character, how he stood and helped his family during various periods of his life). You can include in the middle part of your speech some warm short stories about him being a teenager. This period of life was lived by all the guests present at this event and they will for sure be able to relate with it.

Or if you like, you can speak about the moment of your son meeting his wife to be and how he started to act when he was around her, what impression is it that she gave to you as a mother. Of course, the most important focus should be on the topic of welcoming the bride in your family and accepting her, and nonetheless compliment them on how great they look together. Many times people that get together might have common fields, or they resemble to each other in character, purposes, experiences, or even in physical appearance.

In the final step of your speech as a mother, you can add the verses of a song about new beginnings in marriage, or a quote that has a very deep meaning about this whole life situation. If you want to use more of your memories, you can give them some future and wise advices from your early life marriage experience, thoughts or ideas that will be a valuable treasure for them as they step forward in this life.

Your final words should be wrapped all up in a formal and yet polite meaning of having the toast proposal. Whatever you do, don’t choose stories that encompass the five minutes that it is usually accustomed to have, because it is not a good idea to let the guests with the wrong impression about you.

Leave your notes behind when going to the reception ceremony, that way you’ll avoid being tempted to look at them during your performance and you’ll look more at those standing in front of you. Speak as naturally as you can and make it all about this day. You are a mother after all and people should share this joy with you as well.

Don’t be afraid to tell your son what you are feeling, and there are no wrong words when you are telling them from your heart and with the right guidance you won’t miss to do that.  Leave all your worries outside of this context and prove not only to the people listening to you but to yourself that you are the most suitable person for this job. And whatever you do, don’t forget to enjoy yourself during your mother of the groom wedding speech!