mother of groom speechWhile writing the mother of the groom speech seems easy and hassle-free, you will always find it handy to read some tips for this unique task. Women have the talent, more than men, but still there are difficulties and things that won’t go as easily as initially planned, regarding the speech text.

You see, as a mother, you are surely deeply involved into helping your son, helping your future daughter-in-law and then being there for your husband too. Although these tasks might seem easy in the first couple of days, then you suddenly notice it’s becoming harder and you find it challenging all of the sudden. This is normal, because we have limits both mentally and physically. Once those limits are reached, we begin to crack here and there.

So, this is exactly why I am going to share the most valuable tips which are going to enable you to handle the situation properly, without ever feeling exhausted. Download 25 Mother of Groom Wedding Speech Examples

Time management for success

Time management is almost everything. You can have the best ideas for the mother of the groom speech, but if you can’t manage your own time (both the time you allocate for duties and tasks, and the time you have for yourself) then you won’t make it. I am sorry about that, but it’s true: every single person proved it already, if they ever reached such a situation, which required efforts and time.

Now the good question is: how to properly manage time? The problem with weddings and helping in organizing them is that you will often see that you simply can’t estimate what will happen today or tomorrow. Maybe you assume today that you’re going to check 10 items on your list, and then you check 15. For tomorrow, maybe you assume it’s 5 checks, but you check 1 only. You see, such “surprises” can mess up entire schedules, even if they were perfectly planned. So what to do? Click HERE for MORE Examples

Since you acknowledge that the duration of certain tasks will never be measured properly, you can just have a strategy where you say that you’ll take things one-by-one, as they come. This, obviously, should refer to the things that can’t be planned by the hour or by the minute. You know, let me give you an example: meeting with one of your friends to have a ten-minute conversation. Let’s be serious! Will it be 10 minutes indeed? Or might it become 3-4 hours, or even more? This is one of the simplest examples when you can’t have any idea about how long it will actually take. So then, you can’t just plan the time for that day.

While many things will be impossible to plan, you will find another bunch of things that can easily be planned, and even precisely. For example, you want to make dinner. You know how long that takes! Also, you might want to go shopping. Since you are a woman and you go shopping daily, you can estimate that one a lot better than men would. Even if you say “well, it might take 6-7 or even 8 hours”, but you know at least that the estimate is real.

So then, by combining the certain with certain, the unpredictable with the unpredictable, you will already have a better time management. Furthermore, you can reduce some activities that you know aren’t absolutely necessary or could be left for another time. Things like that would be: meeting daily with someone who lives next door (you can explain the situation and meet every third day or so), watching a TV series, and much more. You see, we people tend to have activities which make us feel better, but many (if not all) of these can be abandoned for a while – especially if you realize how important time management is for the mother of the groom duties and speech as well!

Understand your son’s hard moments

As a man who is about to go on a strange, unknown path – marriage – your son is now under pressure and he is probably freaked out, because he can’t know yet how certain things will end up being in a distant future like in 10 or 20 years. So, since men want to control things and to know how to handle everything, he might feel weak and freaked out, all because of many unknown and unexpected things. That is probably why he will have certain days when his attitude would create the false impression that he hates you or has no love or patience with his mother. Being his mother, the woman who gave birth to him, you should understand how hard these moments are for him. Even if you see certain very obvious mistakes, don’t criticize him: you would only make him feel worse.

What you can do instead is let him calm down, let him speak out his frustration and at least he can let that extra negative energy drain. So then, for the next hours, he might be calmer and clear-minded. As a support, just tell him he can count on you and tell him that you’re happy for his decision of marrying the woman of his dreams. Even if he apparently can’t even hear you or appreciate you, kind words which come from a mother’s heart full of love can ultimately make huge changes and then in about a couple of weeks or months you might wake up that your son is visiting, bringing new furniture or flowers for you and saying “thank you mom for being there when my days were the hardest”.

It is also a good thing if you can connect with your future daughter-in-law, and make her calmer as well. Talk to her about how good your son is and tell her that these angry and frustrated moments are only the results of him being afraid and worried, and also tired. Don’t let the young lady feel frustrated or create a wrong impression – as an experienced woman, you will know how to explain the secrets of life to her.

Strategically begin writing the text of your speech

You need to be very strategic with the mother of the groom speech text. You see, if you have the good approach for that, you will easily handle the difficult moments. Since you are a woman, you might find it a lot easier to read certain books. Maybe it’s romance, drama or other genre of books, but you certainly have some ideas for inspiring the speech. The more you will read certain books, the more abundantly you will have brand new ideas in your mind. Whenever you feel like you have an idea, even if you’re not sure about having it in the actual speech, just write it down. It might sound crazy or senseless, but in the end it will all help you. You should have a long list of different ideas of different types, soon enough.

Of course, not only books give you ideas. Maybe it’s a meeting with your best friend that brings up old stories, thus giving you great thoughts. Maybe it’s how you look to your own son and his daily life, and you suddenly will feel inspired about certain topics. You never know how small details can help you get great thoughts. I repeat: whenever any new thoughts run through your mind, note them! Whether it’s a physical notebook or a word document, maybe your own email, or your note app from your smartphone or tablet – it’s all good, as long as you have it somewhere in an accessible place.

By having the ideas at hand, you can already workout a daily routine for writing the wedding speech. You see, you might not have the inspiration on a certain day to write the full speech, from the introduction up to the toast proposal. Maybe one day you can only write a great introduction, and then maybe for 2-3 days you have no more ideas for the actual, final version of the speech. Then maybe you get 2-3 sentences, and then again pause. Since it’s all uncertain and you never know how much time or how much inspiration you get tomorrow, it’s best if you write the speech daily. Obviously, the way you write it might change several times. Don’t think about the written parts as fixed parts – until the wedding has not arrived, anything can be changed. So, you will probably go through dozens of editing sessions, when you simply change ideas that you already wrote down.

Be really selective with words and expressions. Since it’s the mother of the groom speech, you can’t use any language or any approach. Wedding speeches have their own themes, ways of speaking and expressing thoughts and feelings – it’s a whole different world. So, to become familiar, try to remember recent weddings you’ve attended. If there were none, you should speak with your trusted friends and neighbors. Many people go to weddings, so you might get to hear some great ideas for you to make use of! Make sure that you note down or keep in mind every single idea – and then you can simply use them or ignore them, if you so wish.

You also need to develop your body language. It’s not enough to speak words, it’s only enough if your body expresses the same thoughts and the same feelings in front of the guests. The basics of body language include: eye movements, position of your hands during the speech, overall body movements, and some other small details similar to these. Try to be relaxed, not to look at the same person all the time, and be natural about the speech. Then, you will find it easily to use a proper body language!

Final ideas

As you see, the simple and small details are the ones you need to make sure you succeed with the mother of the groom speech. Don’t think about anything too complicated – keep it all simple, but have your thoughts well-organized, so that when the moment comes, you can be in control totally. Don’t forget to close the speech with a toast proposal, which doesn’t need to be after any template, just honest words as they flow out from your heart in a couple of sentences.